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Knit Guide Country Road A/W23 Woman & Man

In the making of our winter knitwear range, we’ve carefully sourced yarns that create a sense of luxury through elegant textures, superior comfort and warmth. From fine Australian Merino wool to lofty cashmere and cotton, discover the fibres that make up our AW23 collection.

  • Single Origin Australian Merino Wool
  • Australian Wool
  • Verified Australian Merino Wool
  • The Good Cashmere Standard®
& Mohair03
  • Alpaca Blends
  • Mohair Blends
  • Australian Cotton

Wool 01

Single Origin Australian Merino Wool

In selected knitwear styles, we use Australian Merino wool sourced from a single farm in Tasmania that is certified by the Responsible Wool Standard.
We blend this wool with silk to give the fabric a subtle lustre and superior drape.

Australian Wool

Australian wool is globally renowned for its high quality. It is warm, breathable yet durable, making it the perfect fibre for winter layering.

Verified Australian Merino Wool

Australian Merino wool is known for being finer than conventional wool, resulting in a beautifully soft fibre that is gentle against the skin. It is celebrated for its luxurious handle and natural thermo-regulating properties, allowing you to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

We partner with Oritain to scientifically trace our Verified Merino wool fibres back to Australian farms that are certified by the Responsible Wool Standard— a globally recognised standard that promotes animal welfare and progressive land management.


Wool Blends 01

We blend wool with a variety of natural and synthetic fibres across our collections. Some fibres, such as hemp, are chosen for their crisp, dry hand feel, while synthetic fibres such as elastane add stretch and durability.

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Australian Merino Wool Silk Collared Knit, Man-style Pant, Sigrid Heel
Australian Merino Wool Rib Detail Pullover, Australian Cotton High Rise Relaxed Fit Jean
Verified Australian Merino V-Neck Knit
Australian Lambswool Rib Shawl Cardigan

Cashmere 02

The Good Cashmere Standard®

Cashmere is a luxury fibre that is beautifully soft, lightweight and lofty. Delicate yet durable, it is rarer than other wool types, making it an investment yarn. We use a variety of pure cashmere and cashmere blends throughout our collections.

We were the first Australian fashion retailer to partner with The Good Cashmere Standard® by the Aid by Trade Foundation. An independent and voluntary standard, it supports the welfare of cashmere goats, protects natural resources and supports the local farmers that produce it.

The Good Cashmere Standard

Cashmere Blends 02

We blend cashmere with fibres such as wool, cotton, alpaca and nylon to achieve a variety of different finishes. Some blends are chosen for their texture, others for their durability and strength.

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GCS-certified Cashmere Funnel Knit, Pinstripe Pleat Pant, Branded Camera Bag, Kendall Sneaker
Brushed GCS-certified Cashmere Knit, Pinstripe Pleat Pant
GCS-certified Cashmere Long Sleeve Textured Polo, Italian-woven Lyocell Stretch Pant, Penny Leather Loafer
GCS-certified Cashmere Cable Crew Knit

Alpaca & Mohair 03

Alpaca Blends

A fine, silky wool fibre, alpaca has a soft sheen which makes it unique. It is recognised as one of the warmest fibres, while also remaining lightweight and fluffy. In our collections, alpaca is often blended with fibres such as Merino wool, mohair, nylon and elastane.

Mohair Blends

Durable yet soft to the touch, mohair is considered a luxury wool fibre characterised by its distinct lustre. It is often blended with fibres such as Merino wool, alpaca and nylon due to its strength and subtle sheen.

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Brushed Crop Cardigan, Pull-on Cupro Pant, Stefani Heel
Ribbed Fluffy Knit, Leather Five Pocket Pant
Fluffy Shrunken V-Neck Knit, Tailored Tuxedo Pant
Zip Detail Knit, Leather Column Skirt

Cotton 04

Australian Cotton

Australian cotton is renowned for its quality, featuring a longer staple than conventional cotton. When used in knitwear, Australian cotton creates a light and breathable fabric, making it ideal for trans-seasonal layering. Our Australian cotton knits are soft, durable and easy to care for.

Australian cotton growers are recognised as leaders in water-efficient farming, adopting cotton varieties suited to the Australian climate.

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Australian Cotton Crew Knit, Slim Fit Five Pocket Pant, Check Scarf, Leather Pull-On Boot
Australian Cotton Stripe Knit
Australian Cotton Cable Half Zip Knit, Australian Made T-Shirt, Verified Australian Cotton Tapered Fit Stretch Chino
Australian Cotton Textured Crew Knit