Restoring Australian farmlands
with Landcare Australia

Landcare Australia
Landcare Australia
Biodiversity describes all living things that can be found on earth, including all plants, animals, insects and more. Biodiversity plays an incredibly vital ecological, cultural and economic role, which needs our support and protection, to sustain life as we know it. Dr Shane Norrish, CEO, Landcare Australia

The Biodiversity Project

Since 2020, Country Road has proudly partnered with Landcare Australia to support the restoration of Australian farmlands, with a focus on increasing biodiversity in cotton-growing regions.

Biodiversity is integral to our survival on earth, with every species playing an important role in helping nature thrive. As the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals highlight '...[N]ature provides us with our oxygen, regulates our weather patterns, pollinates our crops, produces our food, feed and fibre.'

Landcare Australia has supported communities dedicated to restoring and preserving the natural environment for decades.

Current projects

Our partnership is designed to enrich Australia's biodiversity by assisting local cotton farmers to restore Australian farmlands with long-term aims of protecting soil health, providing habitat for native species and improving water quality across river systems.

Since launching the partnership, we've worked with four farming families to plant over 9,000 seedlings and rehabilitate over 47.5 hectares of native vegetation. In November 2021, our project areas faced severe flooding, causing destruction to two project sites. Country Road has committed to funding the replant of these affected areas.

The local industry

The Australian cotton industry has played a supporting role in this partnership by identifying farmers to participate in the program, and working with Landcare Australia alongside farmers to develop on-ground projects that deliver benefits to the natural environment.

Research findings from the report, 'Management of Biodiversity in the Cotton Landscape: Iconic and Threatened Species', informed priority areas where projects could have the greatest impact. The report was developed by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation, with support from the Australian Government's National Landcare Smart Farming Partnerships Initiative - Round 1.

Since October 2020, sales from our famous Verified Australian Cotton Heritage Sweats have supported the partnership, alongside a corporate contribution, with Country Road committing to a minimum of $600,000 over three years. This level of funding provides Landcare Australia with the means to deliver multiple biodiversity projects across local farming landscapes, and invite more farmers to participate in the unique program.

Landcare Australia is very proud to partner with Country Road. This project will help to restore local ecosystems and contribute to the sustainable management and productivity of the landscape. Dr Shane Norrish, CEO, Landcare Australia

By supporting the work of Australian farmers on the ground, we hope this partnership leaves a biodiversity legacy for generations to come.

Landcare Australia shares Country Road's deep appreciation for what makes our backyard so special. Their vision of 'All Australians caring for the land and water that sustain us' is one that resonates, more so than ever, with both Country Road the brand and our wider community. Elle Roseby, Managing Director, Country Road