Giving clothes a new life
with Red Cross

Australian Red Cross
Australian Red Cross

At Country Road, we stand by the belief that great design is timeless. We create pieces that are beautifully simple, allowing you to come back to them year after year.

When an item is ready to pass onto the next person, we partner with Red Cross, and have done so through Fashion Trade since 2011.

As part of Fashion Trade, our customers are rewarded with a $10 gift voucher when they donate pre-loved Country Road items, supporting the community and helping to keep wearable garments in use. Since the program’s launch, Red Cross Shops has received over 293,000 pre-loved Country Road items from brand and customer donations, raising an estimated $904,000 through sales at Red Cross Shops.

These funds go towards supporting the great work of First Nations people in remote communities, helping refugee families settle safely in their new homes and supporting young people in the justice system, to name a few.

This initiative is available at any Country Road store or Red Cross Shop, any day of the year. Head in store to support this initiative, or find your local Red Cross Shop.

Each year generous Australians donate over 2.5 million kilograms of clothing and other textiles to Red Cross. We strive to keep those items out of the landfill and give them a second life.Richard Wood, Head of Retail, Australian Red Cross

How to donate

1. Donate your pre-loved Country Road clothes and accessories to
any Country Road store or Red Cross Shop.

2. Receive a $10 Country Road voucher*

3. Redeem your $10 voucher on any purchase of $50 or more in store at Country Road (one per transaction).

*You may redeem one Country Road Fashion Trade Voucher per transaction of $50 or more at Country Road. Maximum five per person. Maximum five per person. Conditions apply.