As a part of our journey towards a more circular design approach, we're working to increase our use of recycled materials.



Circularity requires us to rethink how we can keep products in use for as long as possible, including designing for longevity and understanding the value of 'waste' as a viable resource. This approach recognises the constraints of living on a planet with finite resources and has the potential to remove waste, reduce reliance on virgin materials, create jobs and drive innovation.

Circularity challenges the status quo and acknowledges that we need to completely transform the current linear, take-make-waste approach to fashion production. We believe this concept is the way of the future.

Towards Circularity

Our Towards Circularity collection is made using 30% recycled cotton sourced from our off-cuts and faulty garments which are shredded, re-spun and blended with virgin cotton to give them a new life.

Recycled nylon

When using synthetic materials, we aim to prioritise those that are recycled, however still have some way to go before this is rolled out across the majority of our collections.

Recycled nylon can come from a range of sources, including factory leftovers. These plastics are reprocessed and used in selected Country Road ranges.

Recycled polyester

Recycled polyester is created by turning existing plastics into new fibres, reducing demand for virgin materials, while keeping valuable resources in use.

Recycled synthetics can still shed tiny microfibers in the washing machine, which end up back in our waterways. A solution you can act on now is to use a washing bag such as a Guppyfriend that reduces microplastic pollution when washing synthetic clothes.

Recycled cotton

We seek to give a second life to existing resources and redefine the value of waste by using recycled cotton in selected ranges. Recycled cotton can be sourced from pre- or post-consumer waste, which means it can come from a variety of sources like factory off-cuts and remnants, or garments and textiles otherwise destined for landfill. Recycled cotton is blended with other fibres to create a strong and durable fabric.

Recycled store fixtures

As part of our approach to designing 5 Star Green Star Stores, certified by the Green Building Council of Australia, we've incorporated recycled materials into innovative new store fixtures.

Giving clothes a new life

We create pieces you can come back to year after year, with a commitment to quality that means each garment is made to last. When an item is ready to pass on to the next person, we partner with Red Cross, and have done so through Fashion Trade since 2011. You can bring your pre-loved Country Road garments that are in wearable condition back to any of our stores for donation through this program.

Australian Red Cross
New Zealand Red Cross

Denim made with reclaimed fibres

We use TENCEL™ Lyocell x REFIBRA™ fibres in the making of our Sateen Jean and Skirt. These fibres are made using REFIBRA™ technology, which blends recycled cotton scraps with wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed forests and is made in a closed-loop production process.